Outage Troubleshooting

If you have any questions, please call us or fill out a customer support form.


Does it have power? (Check power and wiring)

Locate where the black Ethernet wire comes into the house (usually next to router) and ensure that it is plugged into a Black or White power supply (1in X 2in X 3in). Make sure the black wire is going into the port is labelled PoE and the light on the power supply is lit. The other port on the power supply is labelled LAN and has an Ethernet cable from the LAN port to the internet port on your router. Please ensure all the wires are correctly placed as variation will result in no internet service.


When all else fails: Reboot! (Powering off and on)

If power and wiring are good, please unplug our power supply and the router power supply. Make sure the light on our power supply goes out and the lights on the router turn off as well. Wait about 15-20 seconds. Plug everything back in. Refer to "Check Power / Wiring" to ensure proper connections. Make sure you get reconnected to your router, wirelessly or wired. Once your device is connected to the router, please wait about 2-5 minutes for our system to power on. Then try to get online!


Last Attempt!

If you have reached this step, thank you for trying to troubleshoot using our troubleshooting page. Please CALL US, or fill out our online SUPPORT REQUEST FORM and we will help get this resolved. If you have a wired connection to your router, as a last attempt you can plug that wired connection directly into the LAN port on our power supply. If you have internet on that wired device now, the issue most likely resides in the connection to your router. CONTACT US and we can help.