More Ways to Reduce Usage

Bandwidth is measured in bytes, more specifically Gigabytes (GB). They equate to how much of the internet you have used. Some internet activities use more bandwidth than others. Check out the list below to find some ways to reduce your usage. Click the buttons to go to our bandwidth monitor or request a plan change.

  • Lower Resolution - Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. can be big consumers of bandwidth. We recommend setting the resolution to Standard definition (480p or DVD quality). The average usage for 480p is 0.5 GB-1 GB per hour, but the average usage for HD quality is 1 GB- 3 GB per hour.
  • Turn it off if you aren't watching it - Streaming services can be simplest causes for customers to use more bandwidth than they were intending. Most streaming services will have an auto-shutoff feature, but that can take over an hour to trigger. We recommend turning off the streaming service before you leave the room or fall asleep. This will minimize the usage accumulated by the streaming service.
  • Turn off Auto-Update - Most devices today have a feature called "Auto-Update". This feature allows the device to continuously search for new updates and install them without notifying the user. This can be a big consumer for bandwidth especially when it comes to big file apps or games. We recommend turning off "Auto-Update" and only updating the apps and games you use frequently that require the update. 
  • Manage Devices on Your Network -Some newer routers can monitor the traffic going through each device. In the settings you may be able to set limits or times on those devices so they do not use unnecessary bandwidth. You can also power off your router during the night to prevent auto-downloads from occurring without your knowledge.